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Fillers from the USA, fully fill every wrinkle with special techniques.

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a globally recognized and safe substance extracted from nature, composed of collagen-like structures chemically combined together, which already exist in our cells, making it highly safe.
At Gangnam clinic, we use high-quality fillers imported from the USA and Sweden, along with medical equipment that meets international standards (Fully Automatic Autoclave), certified by the FDA, ensuring safety.
Do you have these concerns?

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The doctor will analyze the facial structure on a case-by-case basis.

They will select a filler with the appropriate molecular precision that best addresses the patient’s concerns in the desired areas, providing a natural, smooth, and beautiful result. Special techniques are used to fill and enhance wrinkles and deep lines to meet the patient’s expectations.
After the filler injections in the targeted areas, immediate changes can be observed. However, doctors often recommend waiting to assess the results as the initial swelling subsides. If further enhancements are desired, they can be done accordingly. The temporary nature of filler results may vary from person to person and the injected areas. It is important to choose an experienced doctor for filler injections and ensure the quality of the devices and fillers used to have confidence and peace of mind regarding potential side effects.

Where are popular spots to get filler ?

  • Deep facial lines such as cheek groove, forehead lines, and under-eye hollows
  • Facial volumization to enhance facial contours, such as under-eye hollows, cheek augmentation, forehead augmentation, or chin augmentation
  • Small scars
  • Facial reshaping, such as nose augmentation and chin augmentation, to achieve a more desirable appearance
  • Dolly Eyes

Good Benefit from Filler

  • Tightening of the treated area, resulting in a more youthful appearance
  • Reduction of sagging skin and deep wrinkles, leading to a firmer and more lifted appearance
  • Enhanced and improved features in the treated area, resulting in a more attractive appearance

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How long filler can last after the treatment

After getting the filler treatment, The result will last for around 2 years.

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